Answers to Phyl's Questions

1)  If you could pick any film home to live in which one would it be? You can also pick a summer home if you need to ;)

Sign me up to live in Bing Crosby's farmhouse in Holiday Inn (1942) any day of the week.

2) Film you've discovered in the past year that you are obsessed with?

A little over a year ago I discovered Sunday in New York (1963). I've been obsessed ever since.

3) Name an actor/actress you've recently discovered that you've been "binge-watching", or in other words, watching and reading everything you can on them.

After viewing his TCM birthday tribute this year, I've developed a little crush on Robert Donat

4) What film do you love all the costumes in?

Designing Woman (1957) - From casual to formal, I want all of Bacall's clothes.

Especially this dress!

5) What actor/actress do you wish you looked like?

Gene Tierney

6)If you could change the ending of a film, which film would it be and how would it end (here's your chance to help somebody live!)?

Little Women (all versions and book) - I have always wanted Laurie and Jo to end up together. 

7) What classic movie set do you wish had been preserved (not the house you chose above)?

The nightclub from Swing Time (1936) - it's gorgeous!

Because a picture doesn't do it justice...

8) If you were stranded on an island (with a TV and DVD player that were solar-powered of course), what 10 movies would you want to have with you (any decade)?
1. Casablanca (1942) 
2. Follow the Fleet (1936)
The next three - just because I'm on an island doesn't mean I have to give up my holiday cheer:

 3. White Christmas (1954)  
4. Easter Parade (1948) 
5. Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942) 
6. The More the Merrier (1943) 
7. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) 
8. The Philadelphia Story (1940) 
9. Pillow Talk (1959) 
10. The Big Sleep (1946) - This one because maybe after years of watching it I'd finally be able to make sense of the story.

9) What question would you like to ask Robert Osborne?

Time to get serious. My question: 

TV Land recently pulled "Dukes of Hazzard" due to the prominent display of the Confederate flag in its episodes, most notably on Bo's car, the General Lee. Similarly, New York Post film critic Lou Lumernick suggests that Gone with the Wind (1939) belongs in a museum, i.e. not in mainstream circulation. Do you agree? Why or why not?

10) What decade would you have liked to be a movie star in and why?

Tough one. Probably during pre-code (the early '30s). There were a lot of juicy roles for women, and dance was in the early stages, so maybe I would be good enough for a chorus girl role. Oooh, that cements it. I could be in a Busby Berkeley number--sweet!

11) Favorite movie quote

"It took 15,000 men to take my place." Emma's (Mary Wickes) response to General Waverly (Dean Jagger) when he said he got along fine in the army without her. ~White Christmas (1954)


  1. Just remembered to look and see if anyone answered my questions and so far you're the only one to do so. Thanks!! I like your answers. Holiday Inn is gorgeous, I too fell in love with "Sunday in New York" and I love your 10th movie haha. Then you could host it on TCM when you're rescued and explain it to the rest of us!

    Really interesting question on a current topic and I love your quote :) Thanks so much for answering!!

    1. No prob--thank you for nominating me! =) It was fun trying to come up with answers for all of your questions.


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