Sunday, February 21, 2016

#CurateMyLife ~ Flash Blogathon

Margaret Perry is hosting a Flash Blogathon this weekend as part of her Cultural Heritage Management course. She asks classic movie lovers to document their classic film heritage and culture. To aid in the task, she has given us a list of items to share--kind of like a scavenger hunt.

If you would like to join in the fun or want to see what others have contributed, visit for the full scoop.

Classic Reel Girl's #CurateMyLife entry ~

1. DVD collection:

2. VHS collection - Sadly I gave away my extensive collection (almost twenty years in the making) when we moved into our new home. I'm still working on replacing the titles. There is one movie with which I cannot part until it is properly replaced:

...and one I purchased last year for my entry into the Pre-code Blogathon:

I borrowed a VHS player to view it.

3. Favorite DVD:

Not only is Follow the Fleet my fav pairing of Fred and Ginger, I also love the fab cover of this DVD.

4. Favorite VHS - Because it is not available on DVD:

5. Classic film related wall art:

We switch out the poster for the holidays.

I haven't gotten around to switching back to Casablanca yet, but here is a pic of the poster.
Side story - I received this during high school from a friend who worked at Blockbuster. Instead of tossing it, he gave the poster to me.

6. Classic film related household product:

7. Classic film movie ticket:

Singin' in the Rain

8. Pictures of mom and me enjoying a classic movie experience:

9. Picture of fan art - Technically my mom's fan art:

My brother painted this scene from Oklahoma and gave it to our mom as a gift.

10. Classic movie related souvenir:

11. Object that once belonged to a classic film star - Not yet.

12. Picture of yourself with a classic film star - I wish.

13. Selfie from TCM Film Festival:

14. Selfie with Robert Osborne - Another I wish!

15. Classic film book collection:

Yep - I have two copies of Zoglin's biography, Hope. The first I won in a contest at Once Upon a Screen. The second copy was a gift.
I also have several classic movie books on my Kindle.

16. Favorite movie star autobiography:

Lucy's voice comes through so clearly. She gives a fair assessment of her life, acknowledging her faults as well as others'. Her sense of humor and strength is inspiring.

17. Miscellaneous - Music, magazines, my hair, and a pair of cats:

My most treasured 2015 Christmas gift

Victory rolls inspired by my favorite classic movie actresses

Meet Fred and Ginger (no longer with us)

Ciao til next time!

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