Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Eggs in my March Viewing

Easter eggs. The wink and nod between filmmaker and audience. The quick quip that slips past censors. The hidden gem...

...and I love finding them. 

In honor of Easter, March's Viewing Journal will include a few eggs I caught along with my usual musings. Movies covered include Beloved Enemy (1936), Foreign Correspondent (1940), and Meet Me in Las Vegas (1956). So grab another slice of pie and cup of coffee, kick back your feet, finish that chocolate bunny, and enjoy the reveal.

***Spoilers ahead***

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Gotta Dance! Blogathon Update

Looks like I made a rookie mistake. Turns out there is another major blogathon occurring during the Gotta Dance! window, so I'm going to move my blogathon to May 25th, which is National Tap Dance Day. 

Updated banners are available in my original post.

Ciao til next time!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Announcing the Gotta Dance! Blogathon

**Updated 3/24/2016**

May is an important month in the world of dance. Two greats were born: Fred Astaire on May 10, 1899 and Bill "Bojangles" Robinson on May 25, 1878. In honor of these great dancers and National Tap Dance Day--which coincides with Robinson's birthday I will host my first ever blogathon:

Gotta Dance! May 25, 2016

Come join me in celebrating all things dance: the choreography, the dancers, the music, the partnerships. 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Marathon Stars Blogathon: George Murphy

This post is part of The Marathon Stars Blogathon hosted by The Wonderful World of Cinema and In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood. You can read more fabulous posts by clicking here.

The Task

*To get to know a star whose films you have not widely viewed (max three prior to blogathon)
*View at least five of their films and report back

Who I picked and why

After consulting Constance Valis Hills' Tap Dancing America and checking to see if there were enough films available for viewing, I selected George Murphy for the Marathon Stars Blogathon. According to Hills, Murphy is one of the "Irish Princes" who brought the vaudevillian and popular stage tradition to the big screen

What better month to celebrate the Irish actor than in March?
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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Dancing Legs Quiz ~ Mar 2016 Edition

Take a look at the following partial pictures. Each pair belongs to a dancer whose birthday is this month. Name the dancer. Then give yourself a bonus point if you can name the movie.