Friday, June 17, 2016

Reel Infatuation: Dennis Riordan

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The Task

*To share a crush you have on a character 

*The difficult part of this task was picking a character as opposed to an actor crush. (Sorry, Cary!)

My Reel Infatuation

Blame it on the political season, but my crush goes to a character who has strong convictions yet can listen to the other side of the story and--gasp!--change his course of action if it benefits the whole.

Brian Aherne's Dennis Riordan in Beloved Enemy (1936)

Dennis Riordan is an Irish rebellion leader during the Irish War of Independence from Great Britain in 1921. He meets and falls in love with British Lady Helen Drummond (Merle Oberon), who helps him see the value of the two countries reaching a compromise in order to avoid additional lives lost.

Lady Helen pleads with Dennis to do what is right and cooperate with a peace treaty between the Irish Republic and Britain.

Aherne does a magnificent job showing the audience that Dennis is truly tormented about his decision to cooperate. He knows a truce with the British will anger his radical colleagues and possibly result in his death. Despite the Irish rebels' belief that backing down is cowardly, he ultimately opts to save lives and makes the compromise. What the Irish rebels view as a weakness is really a strength: the wisdom to know when to put down the sword and extend a hand.

In addition to high ideals and a willingness to sacrifice self for the greater good, it doesn't hurt that Dennis is a cutie and has a sexy Irish accent (although Aherne is actually British). 

Dennis has my heart in this clip (via TCM).

When Dennis shares his vision of the future with Helen, my heart melts: a house in the Irish countryside, a spirited woman (yep, that's me), and children. Oh, and he writes poetry! *sigh* All reasons why Dennis Riordan is my reel infatuation.

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  1. I'm so glad you chose Brian Aherne for this blogathon, because he doesn't get a lot of love these days – and he deserves it!

    I've not seen this movie, but I can imagine he is the perfect choice for it. He's an actor who can do drama as well as comedy, and make it look easy. As for this character, who wouldn't have a crush? He sounds amazing...and poetry, too!

    Thank you for joining the blogathon and for bringing Mr Aherne with you!

    1. Truth be told, I have never seen Aherne in any of his other roles, though this film makes me want to view all of him, er, them. ;-) Love this character. Wish Beloved Enemy was available on DVD so I could watch him over and over again.

      Thank you for hosting such a fun blogathon! =)

  2. I had never heard about this movie, but it may be a very good one - I want to watch it now! Brian Aherne was a very handsome actor, and I know very few about him. I need to change that.

    1. He is dreamy. Until TCM shows Beloved Enemy again (or it becomes available elsewhere, although I don't see any plans for that), check out the clips on their website. Thank you for stopping by, Le. Hugs!


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