2016 Liebster Questions

Questions for the bloggers I nominated:

1. Name the post that you are most proud of having written.
2. What is your favorite movie star photo?
3. What is your favorite movie poster?
4. What is your favorite comedic exchange in a film?
5. What is your favorite dancing number?
6. Name a film that didn't earn its happily-ever-after.
7. Name a sad ending you wouldn't change. 
8. What is a film you watch for pure pleasure; i.e. no real cinematic value?

9. What TV series would you like to see turned into a film?
10. What book would you recommend for classic movie fans?
11. Name a film-related bucket-list item.

Looking forward to your answers!

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  1. I found your website while looking for ideas to steal for my own set of questions for a Liebster Award. You are friends with a couple of other bloggers I read, but I haven't seen your blog before. I have to come back and read more of your posts when I have the time. Your blog looks interesting. (BTW I am stealing #1. I absolutely love it. But I'll give you credit on my post.)

    Quiggy @ http://midnitedrive-in.blogspot.com


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